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sap security


SAP Raises The Security Bar

By introducing new secure by default settings With the recent release of SAP S/4HANA 2021, SAP introduced a new set of secure by default settings. Read the blog from…
1 November 2021
SAP Password HashesBlog

Insecure SAP Password hashes

The 7-year itch that lasts forever It’s been 7 years with this blog on the SAP Developers Network that we tried to raise awareness on…
5 October 2021
Zero Trust and SAPBlog

Zero Trust and SAP

Do you trust your SAP systems? In recent years, we have seen many changes in the IT business: from on-premise to cloud-based computing, from smart…
30 August 2021
SAP Report RDDPUTJR - 2Blog


A classic OS command injection vulnerability Posted by Joris van de Vis, SAP Security researcher and co-founder at Protect4S  Introduction In the SAP patch round…
23 August 2021
RSBDCOS0 postBlog

We need to talk about RSBDCOS0

A popular SAP standard program that poses real security risks Since as long as I can remember, SAP systems have contained the program RSBDCOS0. Most…
10 August 2021