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reverse invokeBlog

Reverse invoke for added SAP security 

SAProuter as an example  We have recently pointed out the advantage of a reverse invoke configuration and explored this for the SAP Web Dispatcher component,…
8 November 2022
Reverse Invoke - SAP Web DispatcherBlog

Reverse invoke for added security 

SAP Web Dispatcher as an example  In previous blogs, we have written about security aspects of the SAP Web Dispatcher and SAProuter, see the following…
11 October 2022

SAP secure HTTP implementation 

SAP Web Dispatcher - custom logging  In one of our previous blogs, we shared some general guidelines for the implementation of secure HTTP (HTTPS). We…
30 September 2022
SAP secure HTTP implementationBlog

SAP secure HTTP implementation 

How to approach?  The HTTP protocol is widely used for client-server communication and SAP environments are no exception. Think for example about end-user devices that…
8 September 2022