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Still using a redundant SAP Threat Detection Solution?

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Why Protect4S SAP Threat Detection is a better alternative





Super easy and fast, can be done within hours.

Complex and takes multiple weeks.


Only few hours training required, self-explaining for average SAP user, basically ‘plug and play’. No additional cost, all included in license fee.

High complexity and requires multiple months of implementation and training, with additional cost.

Annual cost

On average 5-10 times lower annual cost, support and training included, no additional cost. Affordable for everyone (100% of SAP market).

Very high cost, both license fee and additional consultancy/training cost. Only affordable for ‘happy few’ (top 5% of SAP market)

SAP cybersecurity knowledge and roadmap

  • Top-3 (worldwide) SAP vulnerabilities research track record. 100% focus on SAP cybersecurity.
  • Strong product development team, fully focused on SAP cybersecurity, monthly updates, long term roadmap.

Less specialised, less research, also non-SAP solutions.


Working together with global SI’s (eg IBM, Capgemini, etc) and local SAP partners, offering SAP cybersecurity as a managed service.

Strong focus on big SAP customers with large internal SAP teams.

Credibility and proven track record

  • Top-tier audit firms such as Deloitte and Protiviti are using Protect4S for their IT/SAP audits.
  • Global SI’s such as Capgemini, IBM, delaware are using Protect4S for their SAP managed services.
  • Worldwide network of local SAP partners (>40), from US, Latin-America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.
  • Large multinationals and government/public organisations, across the globe are using Protect4S.

Too expensive or complex for most SAP service providers and audit firms.

image - SAP Threat Detection

Benefits customers achieved with

Protect4S SAP Threat Detection

  • 24/7 real-time monitoring for SAP threats
  • Highly configurable use cases
  • Very low data costs by only forwarding threats to SIEM
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain (no agents)

Read about our launching customer here.

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