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SAP Vulnerability Management

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Protect4S offers an SAP Vulnerability Management (VM) solution that enables continuous improvement of your SAP security by a repeated process of:
Scan – Analyse – Mitigate. 

Your SAP systems will be scanned against more than 2000 checks and that number is constantly growing. Protect4S hardens your SAP systems continuously on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application.

Protect4S Cycle - SAP Vulnerability Management & Hardening/Patching​

SAP itself and other providers offer SAP Vulnerability Management solutions that are often very complex and not user-friendly (e.g. SAP Solution Manager). With Protect4S, we offer a solution that enables a largely automated SAP vulnerability management process and that makes manual operations a lot easier. 

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  • Automated periodic scanning (any desired frequency)
  • Automated alerts when scans are finished


  • Automated generation of heatmaps and reports
  • Automated generation of SAP landscape overview
  • Automated integration with any SIEM solution
  • Automated creation of System Connection Map


  • Automated generation of mitigation plan
  • Automated generation of task allocation
  • Automated implementation of SAP Security notes
  • Automated SAP Patch Management
SAP Vulnerability Management screens

Why you need a proper SAP Vulnerability Management solution

  • Stop struggling with the SAP security limitations of Solution Manager 
  • Let your SAP Basis team focus more on SAP cybersecurity with less effort 
  • Automate monthly scanning and patching of your SAP systems

With the current cyber threat, a solid SAP Vulnerability Management process, powered by Protect4S, should be seen as a minimum requirement and therefore as a standard part of your business hygiene. 

Try Protect4S without license costs for the first 30 days and make your decision after the trial.

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