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SAP Threat Detection

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Monitor your SAP systems 24/7 in real-time
so that any threat is detected immediately

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3 key risks SAP customers face without an SAP Threat Detection solution

  • Data breaches: attackers may be able to steal valuable information such as financial data, trade secrets, or privacy-sensitive data
  • Financial loss: cyber attacks can result in significant financial losses, such as theft of funds, intellectual property or business disruption
  • Compliance violations: failing to monitor SAP systems in real-time for cyber attacks can result in compliance violations, leading to fines and other legal consequences

For these reasons, Protect4S has developed an affordable and user-friendly SAP Threat Detection solution that simply does what it should do. Read about our launching customer here.  

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Why Protect4S Threat Detection 

  • Connect your SAP systems to a Security Operations Center with SIEM integration 
  • SAP systems monitored by your SAP support team without SIEM integration 
  • Easy and fast installation on central SAP system without agents 
  • 5-10 times lower annual license cost 
  • Very low data transfer cost to SIEM solution thanks to intelligent architecture 

Protect4S Threat Detection is a powerful cybersecurity solution that helps you monitor and detect potential threats to your SAP system in real time. It identifies anomalous behaviour and potential security breaches and provides actionable insights to help you quickly respond and mitigate any risks. 

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