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Our Story

Worldwide, most of our personal data is stored in SAP systems. Global supply chains largely run on SAP (governments, hospitals, banks, utilities, logistics, manufacturing, retail, etc.). SAP is simply everywhere. But there is ONE BIG problem. SAP customers struggle with the complexity and high cost of SAP cybersecurity.

Therefore, Protect4S has set the mission to help ALL SAP companies worldwide, from large to small, by automating and simplifying SAP cybersecurity at the lowest cost so that it is accessible to EVERYONE. This way, we help to make the world a little safer.

We do this by working closely with SAP service providers, from the large global SAP system integrators to local SAP service providers and freelancers. In order to create the best SAP cybersecurity software, we continuously invest in SAP cybersecurity research. Our SAP cybersecurity research team ranks among the top-3 worldwide.

We believe we can only do this TOGETHER and therefore we invest in building a global community of SAP security professionals and stakeholders.

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Our Mission​

To contribute to a safer world by helping ALL SAP customers better protect their SAP systems with the best and most affordable SAP cybersecurity software.

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Our Vision​

Regarding SAP cybersecurity, Protect4S is the preferred solution worldwide for both SAP end customers and SAP service providers.