Benefits achieved

by our Customers


With Protect4S, the SAP systems are automatically scanned for around 1800 security checks at any desired frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). In this way, the SAP systems remain up-to-date with the SAP security notes and the SAP Basis support team can easily expand their tasks with SAP Platform Security activities.

Benefits that our customers have achieved with Protect4S:

  • Manual SAP Security processes are automated
  • Complex activities are made easier by information pointers and dashboards
  • Less dependent on expensive projects or consultancy
  • Always up-to-date with SAP Security notes
  • Better insight into risks, mitigation and trends
  • Clear and understandable management reports for CISO and SAP Security Officer
  • From reactive and ad hoc to preventive and continuous protection
  • Better prepared for annual audits

“IT security is becoming increasingly important nowadays and that is certainly the case for the security of our SAP systems. With our SAP partner myBrand together with the software of Protect4S, we can structurally manage our risks and improve our SAP security.”

“For a large international SAP customer, we work with Protect4S to continuously protect their SAP landscape. Our recent collaboration with Protect4S complement our Cybersecurity services for SAP solutions in France”

“Protect4S enables us to achieve and maintain a responsible level of protection with a minimum of effort. Added to this, Protect4S generates clear reports for managers.”

myBrand wants to help their SAP customers with protecting their SAP systems even better and on a continuous basis. With Protect4S myBrand is able to do so successfully and, above all, more easily.”

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