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  • Periodically planned scans
  • Intelligent filter determines the relevant checks for each SAP system
  • Holistic scans on 3 different levels: OS, DB and SAP layers


  • Clear classification of detected vulnerabilities
  • Heatmaps for the identification of quick-wins
  • Lots of Information on every vulnerability found
  • The complete SAP system context of every scan is saved
  • SIEM integration by sending SAP Security Scan output to your SIEM solution


  • An automatic mitigation plan and task list for IT personnel
  • Automatic implementation of SAP security notes
  • History of the results of previous mitigations




Intelligent filters

The intelligent filters determine the relevant checks for each SAP system.

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Heatmaps enable you to identify the quick-wins.

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Complete system context

The complete system context of each scan is saved.

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SAP Security notes

Automatic implementation of SAP Security notes.

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History of the outcome/results of previous mitigations.

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