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SAP cybersecurity-automationBlog

The many faces of SAP cybersecurity

And why you need automation…  Securing SAP systems is a lot of work and involves many different teams with different skillsets, from management to tech-teams…
18 March 2022
SAP Security 2021Blog

SAP Security 2021 in the rearview mirror

Top-5 key lessons learned SAP Security predictions for the new year: in our view, a popular yearly returning flow of security-related predictions or loose guesses…
20 January 2022
RCE 0-day exploit log4j 2Blog

RCE 0-day exploit found in log4j 2

Is SAP affected? Update (Dec 21, 2021): SAP worked hard last week on giving more clarity on affected components. It is important to use the central note SAP…
13 December 2021