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ProRail structurally lifts its SAP Security to a higher level thanks to Protect4S

Maarten de Koning – SAP security, Portal risk management, ProRail

Old situation

Before September 2016, lots of time was spent on manual compliance checks of all SAP systems and to apply all the necessary SAP Security Notes. In addition, IT management did not have enough insight in the risks and mitigation measures needed to improve the state of SAP Security. Mr. Maarten de Koning, who is responsible for SAP Security at ProRail adds:

“Our SAP systems contain business critical data as well as privacy sensitive data of personnel, contractors, confidential purchasing contracts and tenders. That’s why it is imperative to have our SAP Security in order and know exactly where the risks are so we can intervene quickly when necessary”

In the beginning of 2016, ProRail started looking for a SAP security solution and after some market research they came to Protect4S, via Nextview. After a succesful pilot in June 2016, when in just one day, the software was installed, the technical connections were made and the system was scanned they decided to start using Protect4S.

Protect4S Prorail - SAP Security

Maarten de Koning, ProRail (left) – Joris de Vis, Protect4S (right)

Starting with Protect4S

In September 2016, Protect4S was installed and used to secure all SAP Systems. These involve 9 SAP Production systems that are kept up-to-date with 3 releases per year. Maarten de Koning is the sole functional user in control of the periodical scans. He interprets the analysis reports and initiates mitigation steps for found vulnerabilities. After almost 2 years of using Protect4S, Maarten says:

“Protect4S is helping us to attain and keep a high level of security. In addition, Protect4S is generating clear reports about the state of security for IT management.”

Benefits of using Protect4S

To get the same level of quality in securing SAP without Protect4S, you need at least one or even two extra staff members executing all checks and analyses manually on all SAP systems. With Protect4S this work is all automated, saving time and effort. In addition, Protect4S offers useful management reports that provide a direct insight in all SAP Security risks and the mitigation measures needed.

About ProRail

ProRail is responsible for the construction, maintenance, management and safety of the railway network in the Netherlands. As an independent party ProRail controls the use of the railway network, builds and manages stations and constructs new tracks. In addition, Prorail maintains existing tracks, switches, signals and railway crossings.

About Protect4S

Protect4S is an SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement of your SAP security by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. As a certified SAP Add-On Protect4S is quick and easy to install (without agents) so that you can get started in 1 day.

Want to take your SAP security to a higher level too?

Try Protect4S without license costs for the first 30 days and make your decision after the trial.

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