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Protect4S is a product of ERP-SEC, an SAP Development Partner. The company was founded in 2010 and its founders have more than 20 years combined experience in cyber security and SAP products.



Our objective is to find vulnerabilities in your SAP platforms and to deliver detailed and hands-on reports. The reports help organisations to improve their SAP landscape and to minimise the risks of attacks and data breaches.

“ERP-SEC works closely together with SAP to reduce risk in their customers systems. ERP-SEC was invited twice by SAP’s global security team in Walldorf to present on their ongoing SAP Security research”

Joris van de Vis, ERP-SEC Co-Founder
and SAP Platform Security Specialist


The ERP-SEC team has detailed knowledge of and experience in managing SAP systems. This makes us unique in the SAP security market. Our main focus is your SAP environment, the infrastructural base of many of your critical systems.

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