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SAP Security Automation and

Continuous Protection

SAP Vulnerability Management

  • Stop struggling with the SAP security limitations of Solution Manager
  • Let your SAP Basis team focus more on SAP cybersecurity with less effort
  • Automate monthly scanning and patching of your SAP systems

With the current cyber threat, a solid SAP Vulnerability Management process, powered by Protect4S, should be seen as a minimum requirement and therefore as a standard part of your business hygiene. 

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SAP Threat Detection

  • Real-time monitoring of SAP systems by your Security Operation Center
  • Minimize data transfer costs by only forwarding identified threats to SIEM  
  • Effective SAP TD with in-depth & specialized SAP cybersecurity knowledge 

Once your SAP Vulnerability Management process is under control, then invest in real-time SAP Threat Detection. Make it as hard as possible for malicious parties to break into your SAP systems.

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About Protect4S

Protect4S builds SAP Platform Security software that enables SAP customers to continuously improve their SAP cybersecurity through automation and simplicity of use.

Our mission is to make our SAP cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to everyone because we want to make the world a bit safer. To achieve this, we work closely with SAP service partners around the world so that all SAP customers can be supported.

Are you an SAP managed services provider or an SAP security consultancy? 

Join our fast-growing global network of SAP service partners. Let’s work together to better and more easily secure all SAP systems worldwide! 

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Who are the people behind Protect4S’s mission?

Meet our global team! 

“Protect4S not only helps us to scan our SAP systems more frequently but provides us with insight into the risks involved. This importantly allows us to switch the SAP security process from reactive to preventive.”

9 reasons to choose Protect4S:

  • Native SAP and SAP certified Add-On
  • Dedicated SAP cybersecurity research
  • Proven track record and fast-growing
  • Most value for money and simple license model
  • Installation (without agents) in 1 day
  • Superior in automation and user-friendliness
  • Praised for our pleasant and personal support
  • Constantly growing number of checks and use cases
  • Roadmap also based on customer feedback

SAP cybersecurity

Let’s automate and simplify
SAP Platform Security!


Our Customers

Our customers use Protect4S so that they can automate and simplify their SAP cybersecurity processes.
Do you want to know more about why and how our customers use Protect4S?

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Try Protect4S without license costs for the first 30 days and make your decision after the trial.

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