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Protect4S donated €1000 to DIVD to support their mission

By 26 January 2023January 31st, 2023No Comments
DIVD donation

Protect4S is proud to announce a €1000 donation to the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD) to support their mission of making the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities found in digital systems to organizations that can remediate them. This falls in line with our mission of making the world safer with Protect4S’s accessible and affordable SAP cybersecurity solutions. 

“Although DIVD is run by volunteers, financial support is necessary to provide them with a good back office, software, scan servers and management support, but also DIVD merchandise (T-shirts, Hoodies, stickers) and a party now and then,” said Chris van ‘t Hof, Managing Director of DIVD. “With the help of Joris van de Vis (co-founder of Protect4S), DIVD can set up a research line on discovering and scanning for vulnerabilities in SAP and help to protect its users for free.” 

Joris has been a dedicated volunteer of DIVD since May 2021. “I have been following Victor Gevers (Founder DIVD) for quite some time in his quest to make the internet a safer place. As an SAP Security researcher, I was doing similar things specifically aimed at internet-connected SAP systems, so joining DIVD made sense,” said Joris. “A big shout out to all the DIVD volunteers spending their free time doing so! They are the heart of this organization. I am glad we can support this with a contribution and would like to ask others to consider donating to this great cause too.”  

Donate to DIVD here:  

About Protect4S 

Protect4S builds SAP Platform Security software that enables SAP customers to continuously improve their SAP cybersecurity through automation and simplicity of use. Our mission is to make our SAP cybersecurity solutions accessible and affordable to everyone because we want to make the world a bit safer. To achieve this, we work closely with SAP service partners around the world so that all SAP customers can be supported. See also 

About Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD) 

DIVD is made up of a great and smart group of volunteers who work effortlessly to scan the internet for vulnerabilities to ensure that they are reported to organizations in time to be remediated. DIVD mission: “We aim to make the digital world safer by reporting vulnerabilities we find in digital systems to the people who can fix them. We have a global reach, but do it Dutch style: open, honest, collaborative and for free.” See also