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Protect4S SAP Threat Detection is now generally available

By 27 December 2022March 30th, 2023No Comments

From prevention to real-time detection


SAP cybersecurity (or platform security) follows a certain maturity roadmap. The first step is prevention. A large majority of SAP customers still need to set up the foundation, their SAP Vulnerability Management process. Nowadays it is simply impossible to check all your SAP systems at least monthly for thousands of vulnerabilities and to regularly mitigate and patch them. For that reason, many SAP customers around the world have chosen to greatly automate and simplify their SAP Vulnerability Management process with Protect4S. 

Once the preventive basis is in place, the next step is real-time detection, in other words SAP Threat Detection. In this context, we already went live a few months ago with our own SAP Threat Detection solution at a large multinational in the Netherlands (click here for the article). After this, we needed a few more months to make our new SAP Threat Detection solution generally available.  

We are proud to launch our second solution, our own SAP Threat Detection solution, just before the new year. Until now, real-time threat detection was a costly and complex affair that was only accessible to the happy few, but according to the Protect4S philosophy it now excels in simplicity and, above all, is affordable for everyone.  

SAP Threat Detection powered by Protect4S: 

  • Real-time monitoring of SAP systems by your Security Operation Center 
  • Minimize data transfer costs by only forwarding identified threats to SIEM   
  • Effective SAP Threat Detection with in-depth & specialized SAP cybersecurity knowledge  

Once your SAP Vulnerability Management process is under control, then invest in real-time SAP Threat Detection. Make it as hard as possible for malicious parties to break into your SAP systems. Monitor your SAP systems 24/7 in real-time so that any threat is detected immediately.  

New monthly releases of the Protect4S SAP Threat Detection solution will cover additional use cases, data sources, integration with other SIEM solutions and support for other system types.  

Interested to learn more? We are happy to tell you more about our SAP Vulnerability Management and Threat Detection capabilities. For more SAP security-related news, articles, and whitepapers, please follow us on LinkedIn!