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Protect4S SAP Threat Detection live at first launching customer  

By 5 October 2022No Comments

Providing real-time Threat detection capabilities and SIEM integration  

SAP Threat Detection

Together with an existing multinational customer, a co-development project was started to develop the first release of our new Protect4S SAP Threat Detection solution. This first release covers important features like a first set of use cases, a fast, robust and flexible framework to read data from connected SAP systems and the options to finetune those use cases. Included as well is the integration with the Microsoft Sentinel SIEM solution. Based on feedback received during this co-development project, improvements were made and several iterations of validations were done in a productive environment. This has led to confidence in the added value provided by this new Protect4S solution for customers running their business-critical processes on SAP.  

Over the past years we have seen an increase with regards to the topic of SAP Security. At our customers, partners and our industry in general, we have seen an uptick in awareness for this important topic and more SAP customers started implementing Vulnerability Management processes and tooling to gain insight in their SAP security posture to further harden their SAP environment. Though preventive measures are an important start to get in control, it is not all. SAP Vulnerability Management solutions traditionally cover preventive functions. To move to an even more complete SAP overall security, additional steps can be taken to also detect occurring threats in your SAP landscape. This adds proactiveness to your SAP Security toolkit and options. 

The demand towards more holistic SAP Security solutions, led to the development of our Protect4S SAP Threat Detection solution. Input from customers and partners and our own research and experience for many years in this field of work, contributed to a robust, fast and flexible Threat Detection solution. Our aim was to provide a solution that is amongst other things: 

  • False-positive low 
  • Easy to implement and use and quick to setup 
  • Integrates seamless with SIEM solutions 
  • Agentless like our other solutions 
  • Based on our 10+ years of penetration testing experience 
  • Cloud-ready  

New monthly releases of the Protect4S SAP Threat Detection solution will cover additional use cases, data sources, integration with other SIEM solutions and support for other system types.  

Stay tuned for more information on our Protect4S Threat Detection solution. For more SAP security-related news, articles, and whitepapers, please follow us on LinkedIn and our YouTube channel!