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Protect4S passed 2000 SAP cybersecurity checks for its Vulnerability Management solution

Quality and Quantity combined to keep up with ever-changing SAP Security 

2000 SAP cybersecurity checks-Vulnerability Management

As mentioned before, SAP Security is not static! It is developing constantly and therefore requires to be embedded in a process to make sure you won’t drop the ball and stay in control. It is therefore important to keep adding the latest vulnerabilities to Protect4S and include new checks where risk is found. We do this by releasing Support Packages on a frequent schedule and by continuously adding new checks and functionality to Protect4S, as can be seen in the changelog. For the last 6 months alone, we added 100 new checks to Protect4S. Not just the monthly SAP Security notes but also checks built on customer requests, Java security parameter checks and e.g. OS-specific checks. 

With the shipment of our most recent Support Package, we passed the 2000 checks! This is a new milestone. But quantity is nothing without quality. Therefore, we continuously build new functionality based on customers’ requests and test everything thoroughly before releasing new checks and functions.  

Is your business relying on SAP? Or are you a Managed Service Partner operating SAP systems for customers? Start taking ownership of the security of business-critical SAP systems and stay in control with the Protect4S Vulnerability Management solution. Try out Protect4S for 1 month for free or request a demo! 

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