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delaware takes a major step worldwide to support its SAP security service with Protect4S

By 4 April 2022No Comments
delaware-SAP security service-Protect4S

Singapore, 30 March 2022, Christophe Derdeyn (standing right) from delaware Singapore and Onno Coenen (standing left) from Protect4S are shaking hands after signing the agreement. With this agreement, the partnership between delaware and Protect4S is taken to the next level by supporting the SAP security service worldwide with Protect4S. 

Christophe Derdeyn, Partner at delaware Singapore, says: “delaware is fully committed to improving the security of our customers’ SAP systems. That is why we have decided to invest heavily in our SAP security services by, among other things, using Protect4S.” 

Protect4S is an SAP certified Add-On and the most complete and advanced SAP Vulnerability Management solution worldwide. With Protect4S, the SAP systems are automatically scanned for around 2000 security checks at any desired frequency (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly). Protect4S automates many processes and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, mitigation plans and reports. 

“We are very proud of this huge step by delaware to roll out their SAP security service powered by Protect4S on a global scale. In recent years we have worked very well with their teams in Belgium and Singapore and have been able to translate a lot of useful feedback into our software improvements,” says Onno Coenen, Partner & Commercial Lead at Protect4S. 

About delaware 

delaware is a global company that delivers advanced ICT solutions and services, guiding our customers through their business and digital transformations. We provide them with the tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities. We develop, innovate and implement international business consulting, effective strategies and change management solutions. See also  

About Protect4S 

Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. Founded in 2010 in The Netherlands, Protect4S is operational worldwide with customers and partners all over the world. See also