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More Flexibility with Protect4S 6.0!

By 20 October 2021November 29th, 2021No Comments

Another big step from version 5 to 6

Protect4S 6.0

Since the first release of Protect4S, more than 5 years ago, a lot of functionality has been added to our SAP cybersecurity solution. The number of checks has grown from several hundreds of checks to 2000 checks, we added support for the most important and most used SAP solutions, we added new features like the Graphical Connection Map and many others.

1-Protect4S 6.0

And it is on this day that we are happy and proud to present Protect4S 6.0!

This latest version introduces completely updated documentation, corrections and bug fixes, the most recent SAP Security notes and a completely new and fresh look and feel. Great improvements, but the most important new feature is… Flexibility!

We went to great lengths to develop a new version of Protect4S that no longer runs exclusively on the SAP Solution Manager platform. This brings many benefits for customers that don’t have an SAP Solution Manager or don’t want to use it to run Protect4S. For the Protect4S 6.0 version, the SAP certified add-on can be installed on any Netweaver ABAP or S/4HANA system*, offering a lot of flexibility for on-premise or cloud deployments. This further removes obstacles for customers that want to install Protect4S to scan their SAP systems for security-relevant items.

2-Protect4S 6.0

But there is more in terms of flexibility! The Protect4S 6.0 version also introduces the option to scan SAP ABAP-based systems without the need for an Operating System user. This greatly enhances doing one-time assessments and Proofs-of-Concept, to name a few scenarios. This makes it much easier and faster to evaluate the benefits of Protect4S or assess your SAP landscape for vulnerabilities**.

Want help understanding risk in your SAP landscape? Try Protect4S for free!

* Some conditions and prerequisites do apply, see the Protect4S user guide for all details
** When not using an Operating system user, some checks might not be executed successfully. Even though this is a really limited number, it is advisable for customers that want to permanently use Protect4S, to make use of an Operating System user.