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SAP service provider Sabaas signs partnership with Protect4S for SAP security services

By 22 July 2021August 30th, 2021No Comments
Sabaas SAP security partnership

On July 7, 2021, Sabaas, a Dutch SAP service provider with a focus on SAP technical support and consultancy, became a Service Partner of Protect4S to help their customers with SAP security support.

Sander van Gemert, Partner at Sabaas, says: “We see the demand for SAP security increasing and SAP customers want support for that. Because we, as a SAP technical support partner, are often responsible for, among other things, implementing SAP security notes, can offer a much more complete SAP security service with the Protect4S add-on. The collaboration with the Protect4S team is excellent, both in terms of technical and commercial support.”

Protect4S software makes SAP security a lot easier by automating many processes on one hand and supporting all necessary steps with clear dashboards, task lists and reports on the other. The periodic scans use about 2000 checks and that number is steadily growing. Protect4S continuously protects SAP systems on all relevant layers of operating system, database and application.

“We see that partnerships with SAP service providers such as Sabaas is becoming increasingly important because their SAP Basis support teams work with our software on a daily basis. In addition, we can continue to focus on improving the Protect4S software and Sabaas can offer a complete SAP security service to their SAP clients,” says Onno Coenen, Global Commercial Lead, Protect4S, based in Singapore.

About Sabaas

Sabaas is a Dutch SAP service provider and provides SAP migrations to the Cloud and SAP technical support. In addition, we also implement the latest SAP applications for our customers, on-premise or in the Cloud. By mapping out your wishes, improving and simplifying your SAP systems and services, we get the best out of your organization. See also

About Protect4S

Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. Founded in 2010 in The Netherlands, Protect4S is operational worldwide with customers and partners all over the world. See also