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Protect4S adds support for SAP HANA standalone based deployments

By 16 February 2021January 7th, 2022No Comments

With an ever-growing adoption of SAP HANA, we have further strengthened our support for SAP HANA in Protect4S, the world’s leading SAP Vulnerability Management solution. HANA based SAP systems, like S4/HANA, was already supported. That support has now been extended with HANA standalone based scenarios.

This support opens up new possibilities to also scan SAP HANA standalone deployments and include them in a continuous security improvement process. Including SAP HANA standalone systems is easy as Protect4S is agentless and only needs a user to connect to your HANA database. From there, your HANA standalone systems can be automatically scanned for compliancy or cybersecurity specific purposes, to provide deep insight into vulnerabilities within your deployments.  

Similar to all other supported SAP solutions like ABAP, Java and the SAP Web Dispatcher, SAP HANA standalone systems checks are also executed on multiple levels. What’s relevant for SAP HANA systems are dozens of checks, for example, checks on high privileged default accounts, password policies, SAP HANA security-relevant parameters, general configurations and SAP HANA Security notes.

sap hana

The different standard reports offered by Protect4S are also applicable for SAP HANA Standalone deployments, providing broad and deep insight into associated risks.

sap hana

Additionally, the complete system context is provided with each scan and saved for future references. This includes a complete technical snapshot of settings and versions at the time of scanning. 

sap hana

With this extended support of HANA standalone deployments, Protect4S is fully equipped to support all customers’ business-critical applications in a continuous effort the keep them secure.

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