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SAP Vulnerability Management versus SAP Patch Management

By 28 October 2020March 30th, 2023No Comments

What is it and what are the differences?

SAP Vulnerability Management versus SAP Patch Management

SAP Vulnerability management and SAP patch management are processes. Processes that are linked together partially, but are not the same. 

Vulnerability management and patch management processes are often grouped together and assumed to be the same. But Vulnerability and patch management are distinct processes with different purposes and goals.

Patch management is a process used to update the software, operating systems and applications on an asset in a logical manner. In the area of SAP systems, this means the operating system and database, but also the different SAP Software components of, for example, ABAP and JAVA stacks, but also components like the SAP kernel executables, Webdispatchers, SAProuter, etc. These patches can also include specific SAP bug fixes, often referred to as SAP Security notes. The purpose of a patch management process is to highlight, classify and prioritize any missing patches on an asset and apply these patches. These activities can also be referred to or be part of remediation/mitigation activities.

Vulnerability management is a process that discovers and categorizes security vulnerabilities or misconfigurations on the OS, DB and applications and reports on these security vulnerabilities. A vulnerability management product for example can scan the asset and report the known vulnerabilities found along with remediation advice. This can be on missing patches for example, but has a much broader view for example, on misconfigurations, wrong default settings, activated dangerous services, etc. In other words, most of the Patch management process is part of vulnerability management and vulnerability management is much more than just patch management.

Protect4S helps and supports both of the above processes. Our SAP Certified solution contains roughly 2000 checks covering the above processes and more. It not only helps you in identifying and categorizing risk but also in the remediation and mitigation process.

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