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John&Partners and Protect4S announce a Strategic Partnership for Vietnam

By 14 October 2020January 7th, 2022No Comments
protect4s partnership

John&Partners strengthened the Strategic Protect4S Partnership in Vietnam, with its industry-leading in business and management lean Six Sigma methodologies consulting services with Protect4S’s world-class continuous automated SAP cybersecurity next-gen technology services.

Tu Nguyen, Partner at John&Partners, says: “With SAP technology playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) to gain greater visibility into all operations, the mechanisms that support these daily business operations are typically known as business-critical applications. By nature, business-critical applications handle the most sensitive and valuable data that organizations generate. As such, the need to secure these applications has become a board-level initiative in organizations worldwide. Security requirements such as assessment, analyzing, monitoring, and front-end visibility are often enlisted as important preconditions for these transformational projects.”

Due to increasing cybersecurity threats and increasing pressure from regulation (audits), more demands are placed on the security of SAP systems. Therefore an SAP Platform Security solution is needed to harden business-critical SAP assets on a continuous basis. Protect4S automates many processes and guides additional actions via clear dashboards, task lists and reports.

“Vietnam is a rapidly emerging SAP market and in a country like Vietnam, it is crucial to work together with a local partner. That is why we look forward to the partnership with John&Partners,” says Onno Coenen, Global Commercial Lead, Protect4S, based in Singapore.

About Protect4S

Protect4S is a certified SAP Platform Security solution that enables SAP security automation and continuous improvement by a repeated process of: Scanning – Analysis – Mitigation. This is executed on all relevant layers of Operating System, Database and Application. Founded in 2010 in The Netherlands, Protect4S is operational worldwide with customers and partners all over the world.

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About John&Partners

John&Partners is one of the largest Six Sigma business and technical advisory, management, and consulting services firms in Vietnam with international and local clients. Founded in 2010 in Vietnam, John&Partners delivers value-added services, including Financial Advisory, Enterprise Risk Management, Consulting, and Six Sigma Operational Excellence Professional Training. There is continual jostling, crowding, buzzing, and striving for the standard of excellence by always one step ahead. John&Partners is dedicated to providing first-class business advisory, management, and lean Six Sigma methodologies consulting services with world-class SAP consulting services.

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