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Why higher demand on SAP Platform Security for SAP Managed Services Providers is not a burden but a blessing

By 21 July 2020September 28th, 2023No Comments
image - Why higher demand on SAP Platform Security for SAP Managed Services Providers is not a burden but a blessing

Securing IT systems and certain business-critical systems such as SAP is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, we see that many SAP companies have outsourced the technical support of their SAP systems to SAP Managed Services Providers. As a result, responsibility for SAP Security does not shift from the end customer to the managed services party, but a large part of technical operations does. In such a construction, the cooperation between the end customer and managed services party becomes more important to ensure that the SAP systems remain well secured.

Many SAP companies, therefore, recognize the importance of security and place higher demands on their SAP support partners. There are also more and more SAP Managed Services Providers who see this trend but are struggling with the complexity of SAP Platform Security. The question rightly asked is, how they can structurally improve the SAP security level and at what cost.

After many extensive discussions with various SAP Managed Services companies, from local players to global players, we have found a model in which the SAP Managed Services Providers can expand their support contracts with a SAP Security service. In that model, a SAP Managed Services party becomes the buying party of Protect4S licenses and their end customers can benefit from structurally better SAP security and much more insight by means of all kinds of reports at low additional costs.

A good example of this is myBrand, a large SAP Managed Services Provider in the Netherlands, which has strategically chosen Protect4S to offer an additional service, “Vulnerability Management & SAP Hardening” for their SAP support customers. Here (in Dutch) you can read how myBrand integrates this service in their managed services proposition. See also the news item about this on our website.

As a SAP Managed Services Provider, the Protect4S software allows you to scan your customers’ SAP systems fully automatically and periodically. The scan results are analyzed by your SAP (Basis) team in Protect4S and the necessary mitigation actions can be presented to your end customer. In addition, you can give your customers SAP Security stakeholders access to web-based reports and overviews of Protect4S so that they are fully aware of the current status and history of SAP security regarding their entire SAP landscape.

Are you a SAP Managed Services Provider? Let’s work together to better and more easily secure all SAP systems worldwide. Offer your customers the benefits of SAP Security automation and continuous protection. Generate additional recurring revenues as a Consulting or Managed Services Partner of Protect4S.

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