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Protect4S is now SIEM ready

By 20 December 2019August 6th, 2022No Comments

Making it possible to send SAP scan output directly into your SIEM provider of choice.


As more organizations are moving towards a centralized way of Security Monitoring via e.g. SIEM solutions, we have added functionality to Protect4S to send relevant SAP Security Scan output directly into your SIEM provider of choice. This allows customers to feed SAP specific Security events into SIEM solutions for actionable insight and faster response to SAP threats.

In order to send Protect4S Scan output to a SIEM solution all that is needed is to define which events should be forwarded and where they should be forwarded to.

image - Protect4S is now SIEM ready

image - Protect4S is now SIEM ready


After a scan of Protect4S your SIEM solution will receive all relevant events of the selected Risk level or higher for the response team to take action on. This adds tremendous value to your Security operations center and removes the blind spot that SAP Security often is within organisations.

Want to try it out for yourself? Feel free to reach out to us and try Protect4S for a period of 30 days. We are more than happy to help you towards a more secure SAP landscape.