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Protect4S Demonstration videos

By 30 August 2019August 8th, 2022No Comments

Protect4S is a unique SAP Security solution that helps to control and mitigate the risks in SAP landscapes. It is installed on the SAP Solution Manager platform and facilitates and supports a continuous security process that consists of scanning, analysis and mitigation. There are three Protect4S demonstration videos mentioned later for better understanding.

protect4s demonstration videos

Protect4S reduces risk and therefore also possible financial damages due to the exploitation of vulnerabilities. It enables cost-effective remediation and mitigation of vulnerabilities and does not require specialist skills in order to operate. For every vulnerability that is detected, Protect4S supplies extensive background information: descriptions of the actual vulnerability, the best-practice manner to remediate it and pointers to further information from SAP OSS Notes, SAP Help and other non-SAP sources of information. Due to its user-friendliness, Protect4S is very easy to learn (no expensive courses needed) and can be installed and operated in a single day by any SAP technical consultant. There is also an extensive Protect4S user guide available online and licensed customers get premium support. Protect4S primary usage is the detection and remediation of vulnerabilities in SAP systems, but it can (and should) also be used to define a security baseline and periodically check whether this baseline is still intact (compliance checks).

For interested parties to learn more and see the tooling in action, we created 3 demonstration videos that give you a better understanding of the solution. Please visit the below links to learn more:

Protect4S: Scan
Protect4S: Analyze
Protect4S: Mitigate

And off course a free trial can be requested on our website to have Protect4S work in your SAP environment.