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Protect4S and SAP Hana

By 3 May 2019January 7th, 2022No Comments

Often, we get the question if Protect4S supports SAP HANA. The answer to that is a simple YES! HANA is supported, both as a database to run Protect4S on, but also as a supported database when scanning connected systems. Currently Protect4S contains over 70 controls specifically for SAP HANA. Ranging from HANA parameters and HANA support to HANA Security notes.


A common scenario is scanning a S/4HANA system. Some output specifically for SAP systems running on HANA are found in the following examples;


SAP HANA protect4s


SAP HANA Protect4s 2


As goes for all of the SAP Supported databases, please make sure to keep your SAP HANA database running on a current version and make sure you follow the recommendations in the SAP HANA Security guide.


As it can be a labor-intensive task to do so on a regular basis, we are happy to show you the advantage of doing this in an automated way.