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Protect4S vulnerability scanner for SAP saves time and money

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Date: June 29, 2017
Original (Dutch) article appeared in the Dutch SAP User Group magazine:

Highlights from an interview with Maarten de Koning, SAP Security Architect at ProRail, the Dutch company that is responsible for the management, maintenance and construction of the Dutch railway network:

  • ProRail has been using Protect4S for more than a year now and is more than satisfied with the protection this provides for their SAP systems.

ProRail’s Security Architect Maarten de Koning

Protect4S runs as an AddOn on the SAP Solution Manager.

  • “We already had a SAP Solution Manager, so we did not need to buy additional hardware or software to work with Protect4S”.

Protect4S scans all the SAP applications, as well as the database and the operating systems. Previously this had to be done manually and De Kooning even had to hire someone specially to do this. With Protect4S, however, the checks are done completely automatically.

  • “This not only saves a huge amount of time, but you have the assurance that the checks are done properly. Time means money and this alone makes this tool worthwhile”
  • “Add to this the fact that Protect4S automatically generates a report of all the vulnerabilities, the risks involved, as well as how to fix the vulnerabilities. These results can be imported into an Excel document which I can present to management.”

De Kooning says that he always studies the reports because it provides insight into the systems, which security notes need to be added and which patches should be implemented.

  • Protect4S runs as an add-on on SAP Solution Manager. “The advantage of this is no extra hard- or software is needed to implement the tool. It is also very easy to use and you don’t need to hire specialists to keep your systems safe.”