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SAP Platform Security: from project to process

By 9 March 2018March 2nd, 2021No Comments

No more expensive SAP platform security projects

Businesses and their supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and SAP managers are struggling to achieve real control over the risks present in their SAP infrastructures. At present, detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities often requires expensive 3rd party specialist skills and costly mitigation projects. These need to be repeated on a regular basis as new vulnerabilities and risks keep appearing. In order to combat the complexity of this problem and to gain control over risk, ERP Security has developed Protect4S, a security application which transforms SAP platform security projects into an on-going process which is affordable and requires no costly specialist skills. Protect4S makes it possible to save on your SAP security budget because your expenses will move from CapEx to Opex.

The project-approach

As a result of the increased awareness among managers that their SAP systems are to a certain degree always exposed to risks either from inside or outside, the demand for SAP Security Scan solutions is rising. By initiating a SAP platform security project, you hire a 3rd party in order to create a one-time snapshot of the vulnerabilities which exist in your SAP landscape. With the vulnerability report, security consultants can start mitigation actions. This may seem like a logical approach to the problem….at least until the next year.

These are the practical questions SAP managers struggle with today:

  • What to do with the knowledge that your SAP systems contain hundreds, if not thousands of vulnerabilities? Where do you start mitigating?
  • Which vulnerabilities expose your systems to the highest risk?
  • Which vulnerabilities are more likely to occur than others?
  • Which vulnerabilities are easy to fix and which mitigations measures are costly and may require downtime of your systems?
  • Which measures did we take last year and are these still valid?
  • What do we risk if we skip the security project for this year?
  • How do I secure the budget for a new security project?

Protect4S an on-going process

Approaching SAP platform security as an on-going process instead of as a project allows insight into the questions posed above. SAP platform security “as a process” involves a repeated cycle of 3 steps:

  1. Scan your systems automatically on a regular basis;
  2. Analyse the vulnerability report detected by the scan; and
  3. Mitigate vulnerabilities in the order of highest risk and degree of mitigation effort.

This SAP platform security process approach allows managers to get on-going insights into the course and evolution of the vulnerabilities in their SAP systems and to prioritize mitigations of these vulnerabilities on a risk-based approach.

SAP platform security as a process continuously improves the security of your SAP systems.

A process based approach with Protect4S

Protect4S supports these 3 steps in the form of a native SAP Security add-on that is installed in your SAP Solution Manager.

Protect4S periodically scans you entire SAP landscape infrastructure and generates a vulnerability overview which includes a report with mitigation measures prioritized according to risk, likelihood and mitigation effort. The report also explains how to mitigate each vulnerability with information straight out of SAP OSS notes or SAP Help.

With Protect4S you automate the process of scanning, analyzing and mitigation without needing security specialists.

All that remains is to make a cost-effective selection of mitigation measures, execute these and conduct another scan in order to verify that the risk has been eliminated. You can then prioritize the handling of the remaining vulnerabilities and decide on follow-up measures to take. In doing so, the security of your SAP system is continuously improved.

Low-cost and user-friendly

Create SAP Security “as a process” instead of those periodic and costly Security projects and save on your security budget by using Protect4S, moving your expenses from CapEx to Opex.

Protect4S allows SAP managers to monitor the course and evolution of vulnerabilities in their systems and their mitigation. SAP Security now becomes an understandable process for all stakeholders and is no longer a string of expensive projects.

Protect4S brings SAP Platform Security to the group of people who know your SAP systems best: the team of technical consultants which manages your SAP systems on a day-to-day basis. They can mitigate vulnerabilities with the aid of instructions provided by Protect4S.

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