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Encrypt all the things; Don’t forget your SAP communication!

By 1 October 2016January 13th, 2022No Comments

Encryption is the word recently, especially in the post-snowden time we live in. And there is good reason for that; Your SAP system stores your business-critical data and might very well need additional protection when flowing through your SAP landscape.


Encryption makes the world a safer place!

The topic of SAP communication encryption is wide, it includes for example communication between SAP servers and the Database, between clients and servers and between SAP servers. This article discusses the latter, encryption between SAP servers via the RFC protocol. Although there are other ways to realize RFC encryption (for example via certificates), we will zoom in on the method via the SAPcrypto library. This description assumes the windows operating system, steps for other operating systems can differ but the general procedure is similar. Please download the PDF with the setup details here.