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Protect4S monitors the risks

Data safety is a pressing issue that requires much attention. Protect4S is a uniquely-comprehensive security solution which regularly runs security scans and offers insight into the vulnerabilities that exist in your systems.

Protect4S scans your entire SAP landscape

It doesn’t only scan the application level, but also includes the operating system and database. The data is analysed and vulnerabilities are categorised according to their associated risk levels.

An automatically-generated mitigation report lists the vulnerabilities in order of highest risk level combined with the least time and effort required to resolve the problem. This guarantees the most cost-effective approach to securing your SAP systems.

Protect4S enables you to stay in control of your systems’ safety!




No additional hardware

Protect4S runs from the centre of your SAP landscape. It is an application which is installed on your SAP Solution Manager. It therefore requires no additional dedicated hardware and is agentless. Moreover, it also functions on SAP HANA.

User friendly

Protect4S is ready for its first scan within one hour. Once in use, the solution does not require any specialist security skills. It creates easy-to-understand reports that any technical SAP consultant can work with.
"Your business-critical SAP systems are probably not as safe as you think they are"
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Know the vulnerabilities of your SAP platform

Despite a variety of regularly-updated safety tools, most systems are vulnerable to data breaches or hacks. Contrary to popular belief, being compliant to standard safety regulations does not mean your systems are fully protected. The biggest risk is in not knowing you may be at risk.

The consequences of a data breach are far reaching. Not only is it damaging for your brand reputation, breaches also have a great financial impact. Moreover, the European Union is changing its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which means you may be fined for not complying with the new regulations.

Protect4S in summary

  • Scans your entire 3-level SAP landscape
  • Easy-to-understand reports
  • HANA-support
  • Runs from SAP Solution Manager
  • 1-hour setup
  • SAP Certified
  • Affordable licence
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